Have you ever wondered why there hasn't been a contested Board of Directors election in Chimney Hill?


This year 6 candidates applied along with 2 incumbents. The current Board of Directors made the decision to only put 4 of the 8 candidates on the ballot, denying YOU, the association members, the right to choose your own representation on the board.


Vermont Title 11b

Vermont laws protect homeowner’s rights, including the right to choose their board representatives for the corporation.  Our current by-laws do not reflect these required protections.   This is one of many provisions that need to be updated to conform with the Vermont Nonprofit Corporation Laws.

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Vermont title 27A

The current board is not applying the laws of Vermont Title 27A (The Vermont UCIO Act of 1994) correctly and is comfortable denying member access to a fair and open election by selecting the next board members for you.

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Please read our bio’s to understand our background and commitment to serve this community. 


Chris Cogdill

Chris was born and raised in Missouri and has lived in the Boston Area for the past twelve years.  Chris has twenty-five years of budgeting, expense control, vendor relations, and operations experience with a global Fortune 100 pharmaceutical corporation.  During his professional career he has also acquired a lot of knowledge and experience with legal compliance and in dealing with State and Federal officials and various Government Relations.  He continues to serve on the Board of Directors for a federally qualified Community Health Care Center that provides primary health care to nearly 16,000 patients at five clinical sites throughout Southeast Massachusetts.  In this capacity, he has chaired the Human Resources and Quality Improvement committees, as well as served on the Finance and Philanthropy committees.  He has also served on the executive board and held the positions of Secretary and Vice-Chairman of the Board.

As a member of the CHOA board, Chris is interested in bringing the current association’s by-laws into full compliance with Vermont State laws and regulations.  He is also interested in exploring opportunities to provide efficient and effective means by which we the association members can communicate with one another.  Chris, his wife Francesca, and their puppy Pino love Southern Vermont and the Chimney Hill community.  Chris has the time, experience, passion and capacity to continue improving Chimney Hill.


Keith Herbert

Keith was born in Harvard, Massachusetts and has resided on Chimney Hill since 1970 (two years before we were incorporated as a non-profit corporation).  He has a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, but loves to work outdoors.  He runs his own tree and landscape business, and also has guided snowmobile and boat tours for over 22 years.  Keith and his father have both received the annual “Chimney Hill Certificate of Appreciation” award.  He is a well-known and respected member of the community relied on to help whenever needed.  When not working hard, he often volunteers his time to trim and maintain our ornamental fruit trees on the hill.  You might have seen him cutting down trees that block our roads, helping his neighbors, and attending community events.  He has served on and supports several CHOA committees and recently joined the Clubhouse/Recreation Committee.  He is a frequent attendee at BOD meetings.  Keith is active in the Town of Wilmington and serves on the “Beautification Committee”. 

If elected, Keith promises to reform our By-Laws to be in compliance with VT state laws and continue his efforts to increase homeowner communication and enjoyment for all.  He believes Chimney Hill is a magical place filled with wonderful people, and, he pledges his time and energy to continue our progress.


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